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Unique LTD. is in the business of maintaining and repairing cars, light trucks and equipment. We take our job seriously, you might even say passionately. After all, our job is to make sure you and your family are driving in a vehicle that is safe and reliable.

Perhaps you have noticed, as we have, that most people pull into a gas station, pay, pump their gas and go. Gone are the days of attendants who pump your gas for you and check under the hood. These days you use your credit card and the whole process is automated. There is no question that cars have gotten more reliable and safer. However, from time to time, making sure the fluids, tires and brakes are in good working order makes great sense.

To address this issue for our customers, we have created an alternative to the basic 3,000 mile oil service. Every time a customer comes in for an oil change, we perform a 27 point inspection. We don’t just look at the fluids; we check the tires and even pull the wheels to make sure there are good brakes. If you do your servicing regularly with Unique LTD, we rotate your tires for free every other oil change. We do all this with trained technicians.

The result is that you will know your car better. You will be able to keep your car safer and better maintained so there is less chance of it breaking down. In most cases, we perform the equivalent of a manufacture’s suggested interim service, every time we service your car.


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